OpenGM - Opensource Telegram Bot

OpenGM is an open-source Telegram Group management bot. Click the button below to start a chat with it! OpenGM was created when the popular bot @BanhammerMarie_bot was shut down and its successor is closed source only. That’s why I forked Marie! Since then, the fork has evolved with a lot of new features.

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OpenGM has a lot of great features, some of which are:

Getting help

If you run into problems, there are multiple ways to get help:

Get involved

Nemesis is a community project, and we depend on individuals to improve Nemesis. There are multiple ways for you to get involved:

!!! hint “General considerations for people working with other users” * Be polite. Forum members are the face of the Nemesis community. Be nice to bug reporters and users, even if they aren’t nice to you! You have an opportunity to showcase the best of the community, and turn skeptics into fans. Being nice is more impactful than being right. * Explain your decisions. It can be very frustrating for a bug reporter if his/her report is suddenly closed without any reason. Write why you think that your action is the correct one, and don’t establish your opinion as the all-ruling fact. * Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, especially when starting out with supporting users.