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[04/03/2020] Feature requests for Gods of Olympus


This article is still work in progress. There might be a few changes in future!

I have been playing around with Gods of Olympus for quite a few times, and I'd like to share some of my ideas that might improve this game. I will split this into two parts: one technical and one "playing" part.

For Players

Detailed permission system

As a member of the alliance "Tod oder Lebendig", I am gonna share some ideas our leader has. We'd like to have a more detailed permission and ranking system, allowing us to rank up users to custom roles, since there are no middle ways between Captain and General, for example. I mean, we don't want to have something like Teamspeak 3's permission system, but a few more customization options would be great. (Thanks to Nyx for this idea)

Nectar share for alliances

Just a small suggestion: We'd love to see the ability to share nectar with other players. (Thanks to Nyx for this idea)

Separate chat section for more organized support

While supporting other people in our alliance, we created a system like this: Everyone who wants to attack writes a number. After that, we follow these numbers as an order for who attacks when. But, unfortunately, this is quite unclear, so we'd like to have a second chat for these numbers. (thanks to Severus Snape for this idea)

Alliance based assistance

We'd love to see the abilities to level certain troops on an aliance base, so every member can donate some gold or stone for leveling them up. (Thanks to Avaskei for the idea)

Alliance Battles

Our next idea is as the following: Every alliance receives a certain amount of stone, for building one large city. Another alliance can attack these by using the troops used for assistrance as well. Staff members (like Captains, Leaders and Generals) can controll these troops.


Native HTTP Proxy support

It would be really nice if this game used network HTTP(S) proxys. Some players (like me) are forced to use one and not everyone wants to root his device for rewriting iptables rules. But, for those who want, here is a pretty good app, allowing you to force apps to use HTTP proxys: ProxyDroid. I already asked the support, but I recieved this answer:


Gods of Olympus server connections go to, port 443 to connect to the game servers, but the game currently doesn’t use proxy servers due to the performance impact that would have.

Support for more screen resolutions

On some devices (for example the OnePlus 6), There are some annoying black bars on the left and on the right of the screen. When using Android Q gesture navigation, even at the bottom of the screen appears a black bar. It would be amazing if this was fixed, even if it is possible by tinkering a little bit with developer options and Magisk Modules.

Native Desktop client

It would be really cool if there was an official Desktop client, without needing to tinker with tools like scrcpy and the Android Debuging Bridge (adb). I would be really happy to see a native Linux client!

Performance Improvements

Sadly, the game takes a long time to load and performance is really poor, we'd love to see this fixed!

Developer tools

A lot of great games, Minecraft for example, offer a lot of options for developers to improve the game, such as Texture Packs, which allow the player/the developer to twea every single texture in the game.


Last update: August 17, 2020