See what commands are disabled in the current group

Just use /cmds. Commands which are disabled cannot be executed in that group.

Kicking yourself

If you execute /kickme, you will get kicked from the group.

Get all active filters

Use /filters to list all active filters in this chat.

Getting IDs

/id will get the current group id. If used by replying to a message, gets that user's id.

Checking whether the bot is up

Just use the following command: /runs@karatekbot This will print a random line. It works in groups and in private chats!


/slap <userhandle> will get you slapped.

Information about a single user

Run /info <userhandle for getting some information about them! This usually looks somehow like this:

User info:
ID: 540549815
First Name: Karatek_HD
Username: @Karatek_HD
Permanent user link: link
This person is my owner - I would never do anything against them!
Globally banned: No
About user:
Student from Germany, Software developer. Owner of @karatekbot
I've seen them in 13 chats in total.

Deleting all your information

Execute /gdpr in a private chat (!) to delete all your information from the bot's database.

Markdown Help

Use /markdownhelp in a private chat for a quick summary of how markdown works in Telegram.