List all warn filters

Just use /warnlist

Get a users number

/warns <userhandle> gets a user's number, and reason, of warnings.

Warn a user

/warn <userhandle> warns a user. After 3 warns (can be changed), the user will be banned from the group. Can also be used as a reply.

Resetting warns

/resetwarn <userhandle> resets the warnings for a user. Can also be used as a reply.

Adding warning filters

/addwarn <keyword> <reply message> sets a warning filter on a certain keyword. If you want your keyword to be a sentence, encompass it with quotes, as such: /addwarn "very angry" This is an angry user.

Stopping warn filters

/nowarn <keyword> stops a warning filter.

Configuring warn's behaviour

You can use /strongwarn <on/yes/off/no>. If set to on, exceeding the warn limit will result in a ban. Else, will just kick.

Modifying the warning limit is also quite easy: /warnlimit <num>, where num is a number.