Locks can be used to restrict a group's users.


Locking urls will auto-delete all messages with urls, locking stickers will delete all stickers, etc. Locking bots will stop non-admins from adding bots to the chat.

Available locktypes

Possible locktypes are:

  • sticker
  • audio
  • voice
  • document
  • video
  • videonote
  • contact
  • photo
  • gif
  • url
  • bots
  • forward
  • game
  • location
  • messages
  • media
  • other
  • all

You can print this list by running /locktypes.

Printing the current settings

Sending /locks will give you the current list of locks in this chat.

Locking and Unlocking

Use /lock <type> or /unlock <type> with one type from the list of locktypes!